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Fluoride is a natural element found in nature. It can also be processed and is often found in toothpaste, mouth rinses and many municipals drinking water. The benefits of fluoride have been studied by the American Dental Association for more than 60 years. The ADA has published that fluoride has a major impact on preventing tooth decay.

Fluoride fights the acids and sugars in your mouth that cause bacteria, also known as plaque. This acid erodes teeth over time and grows into cavities. The fluoride helps to fill those gaps with a protective barrier. But fluoride is only preventative.

At Serenity Family Dentistry in Charlotte, we offer our patients simple and quick fluoride treatments to help reduce the causes of gum disease.

In-Office Fluoride Applications

Brushing, flossing, and mouthwashes with fluoride go a long way in preventing cavities. Children and adults both benefit by including fluoride in their dental routines. Some people may have elevated risks of developing plaque due to eating habits, health, and other factors. In these cases, your dentist may recommend an in-office visit for a fluoride application.

It’s simple and quick. Often your dentist or hygienist will apply a fluoride-based gel into a bite tray. This helps to coat the teeth with a protective layer. Other methods can involve using a swab stick to apply the fluoride or given as a rinse. Minutes later, you are done.

Typically, your dentist may request that you not eat or drink for a short while after your visit.

Ask your dentist about fluoride applications to help prevent cavities. Call us today at (704) 365-0006 to schedule an appointment or register for an appointment.

At Serenity Family Dentistry in Charlotte, we are creating beautiful smiles with a gentle touch.

Our Happy Customers

"I had my first crown put in this past month. SFD, was forever patient as I was dealing with a cough, and continually had to ask to stop for a moment. The team is kind, sweet, and very thorough in explaining what's going on, and the costs, before any work begins. We were honestly thinking of finding a dentist closer to our home, but the staff at SFD has made this drive worth it for my family."

Jim Jim

"Dr. Attaway and her team are thorough and compassionate. They explain procedures and reasons for treatment plans recommended. I was a patient of this clinic prior to Dr. Attaway's arrival, and am pleased that Debbie and Laura are still there, and the new additions are also very nice."

Erin Erin

"Debbie is a great and personable hygienist and Dr. Attaway is gentle and kind. They were very honest with me about my teeth and how I should take care of them. Dr. Attaway even recommended a new mouth wash so that I could hopefully avoid a cavity. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a dentist."

Kimberly Kimberly
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